How to switch from Sky to BT service

How to switch from Sky to BT service

With the current technology and inventions, it is important to enjoy every bit of service that the market can offer you and at best prices as well. If you have been paying too much for your Sky broadband, then it could be a time you switched your broadband, TV and Phone services to another provider. This is because BT will be offering you cheaper alternatives to what the other providers have been offering you. BT customer service center also present to provide you with answers that you may have about anything.

However, there are many people who think that switching broadband is a difficult task, but it’s not. One will only need to follow a number of steps and the switch will be an easy one.

Know the services you want to switch

Before you get started, it is better first to come up with a list of all the services that you want to switch. For instance, you might be happy with the other provider’s TV but only want to switch to BT broadband and phone services. Doing this is important since it will help you to know what you really want since disconnecting and then re-connecting a particular service can be costly road to walk. However, it is also good to recognize that is you take all the three services from a single provider, they will offer a discount from them. This could be actually cheaper than just taking a single service from a provider.

Make comparisons and choose new BT deal

You may currently be on a 38Mb fibre broadband with Sky, you should ensure you have acquired an equivalent package or even a better one. This however is for those who want to maintain or upgrade their current speeds of downloads. This is because when you take a look at the BT broadband services, you will realize that there are those plans that have usage caps. Those who use the Sky’s broadband services normally enjoy the unlimited usage. If you seek to enjoy the same services in BT, then you should go for the unlimited broadband option with BT. If you are on a rental property, it is important to get permission from your landlord if there are physical changes which could be necessary for your home.

You don’t have to speak to Sky

If you are wondering how you will contact Sky and explain the situation, then don’t worry anymore since BT will do that for you. Once the notification has been done, you will then receive a letter from both the Sky and BT to notify you of the changes that have been made. This letter will contain all the services that will be affected and those that are not. It will also notify you if there are any termination charges that you may need to pay.

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