Common Home Construction Projects

Common Home Construction Projects

The most common home improvement jobs performed by roofing contractors are, not surprisingly, roof repair and roof replacement. Roofers specialize in making sure that your roof is up to code and in the perfect condition to protect you and your family from the wind, rain, snow, and the sun. What many people do not realize is that their specialty in roofing makes roofing contractors the perfect people to handle a variety of other home improvement projects. If they are unable to perform the work themselves, then they will at least be able to refer you to a reliable company that can handle the job! Below are some of the more common home improvement projects that roofers can handle.

Installation and Maintenance of Rain Gutters

Roofers have a lot of experience with the installation and maintenance of drainage systems because they know exactly how water needs to be drained from roofs to ensure a longer lifespan. It is extremely important that rain and snow are drained off of roofs correctly through a clean rain gutter and rain spout. One of the best things about drainage systems and roofs being done by the same roofing system is that the company will likely offer extended warranty options since they know that the draining system has been installed correctly.  Contact Susquehanna Valley Home gutter replacement to see how they can service you.



Roofers use insulation to improve the energy efficiency of your homes. Insulation is not only used on roofs, though. Insulation is frequently used in exterior walls and attics. While insulation is typically only required during the initial home build, you may need some insulation work done on bigger home improvement projects as well.



Siding is not all that different from roofing.  Both are exterior materials that help to keep rain and debris off of the less durable material underneath. Roofers can handle a variety of different siding materials just as they can handle a variety of different roofing materials. From aluminum to vinyl and cedar to stucco, roofers will have you and your home covered! Just like the different materials for roofs have advantages and disadvantages, so do the siding materials. You can speak with your contractor to determine which material will be best for the siding of your home.

Window Replacement


The best roofers have adapted to proving energy efficient solutions to their customers to help people save the environment and save on energy costs. Installing energy efficient windows is another way that your roofing company can help you save money. If your roofing company offers this energy efficient option, then it is likely that they offer some other great cost saving and environment saving options. Ask them to see what kinds of options you have for improving the efficiency of your home.